Saturday morning, I set out to do some serious shopping. It was my first Saturday morning since moving that I had to dedicate to looking, pricing, and basically shop around for some bigger items I want to get for the new house. I pretty much have a very relaxed view about decor shopping. I would rather look around, price things, and get a good deal and actually LIKE everything I have picked out and be able to look at my living room and know that I didn’t spend an outrageous amount to decorate. This is just my thrifty philosphy. I’m a very patient decorator!

So, while I was at the best decor store ever Garden Ridge,  Starbucks in hand, going through each isle one at a time with no concern about time, I decided to look through the mirrors. I have this one wall in the “dining room” I would like to put some sort of mirror on. I didn’t relaly want just a square mirror but wanted something a little more eye catching. As I perused the mirrors with no intention of buying, I spotted this one up on the wall.

I loved the swirly shapes and the dark wood. It was a bit too small though. It may have looked better at an entry way or on a wall as part of a picture or mirror collage.

Then I stumbled apon these which I thought were pretty cool…

I thought these were very modern and would look neat on the wall. But the box was some what small and I was worried that they wouldn’t be as eye catching if I had to spread them out more than the picture shows. Once again, better for an entry way.

So I was about to move on when I looked behind some bigger mirrors to make sure I hadn’t missed anything when I stumbled accross a mirror I completely fell in love with. I loved the shape, the classic yet modern feel of it, and the size was perfect! But as a stickler for my budget, I had already talked myself out of buying today. I was just pricing. But when I flipped it over and saw that it was marked down from $50 to $25, I knew I had to make it happen.

So, I did.

I’m justifying it by saying it was “one of a kind” in that it was the ONLY ONE in the entire store. And if you have ever shopped at Garden Ridge, you know that if you find a one of a kind piece, you better act because you will NEVER come accross it again. I also am justifying it by saying it was marked down 50% to an unheard of $25 which, apparently,  in the world of mirror shopping, is a really great price. It does have a few scratches on the black part of the frame but I think I have a really great solution…

I’m just saying…why not?! 🙂