I know the little box says Wednesday but it’s my blog and I can do what I want to. So there.

1. I got a super cool “Creat Your Own” Starbucks Tumbler for Christmas. SO I brought it to work today to get on Snapfish to make my own design.

I found this cool picture…

Uploaded it to the Snapfish template, picked a background color and printed it, and cut it out…

And voila! My new mug!

Pretty cool! Love it!

2. I’m also loving this ladder shelf system which I’m considering for the new place…

3. Loving Young House Love’s built-ins. Gorgeous.

4. Love this guest post that Meg from “A Boy, A Girl, And A Pug” wrote about a day in the life of her pug. Meg and I are blog/twitter friends and we enjoy compairing notes about our favorite 4-legged family members.

5. Love that I didn’t have to scrape my windshield this morning. Anyone with me on the above 32 degree weather?

6. Love that tomorrow is Friday.

7. Love that I FINALLY got this necklace for Christmas. Love it. A lot.

hand stamped silver bird necklace