I think resolutions are a really great practice. Whether you stick to them or not, I think it’s really great to set goals and push forward starting over at the beginning of a new year. Since sticking to my 10K goal last year, I am really motivated to make some resolutions this year. So here goes nothing…

1. Continue to keep healthy. Something I didn’t really mention this past year was the state of my health. Although I’m not extreamly unhealthy, this time last year, my cholesterol and blood pressure was not looking so good. Most of this is heredity but some of it was just me not paying attention to my body. Since running and working out regularly, my annual physical went much better this past time around. In fact, my awesome doctor even wrote “excellent improvement in test results”. Not going to lie, I felt like I had just gotten an A+ on my senior term paper. So I’m planning on kicking it into high gear and focusing more on my health this year. I want to keep those scores low, my metabolism up, and my overall health at a better place.

2. Get into decorating the new place. Now that I’m in a new place, it’s like a a new fresh pallet to work with. Although we have staple furniture, I’m looking forward to getting things to make it feel homey. I already have a list of things I’m going to add in the next few weeks and months which include a new funky rug, some wall decor for a very blank wall we need to do something with, and I will be showing my DIY lamp revamp I did last weekend. I also have a few more DIYs in mind. Can’t wait!

3. Cook more. I’m looking forward to trying lots of new recipes this year and having a lot more dinner parties! I want to do some healthy cooking but also indulging in a PW recipe every now and then. And maybe even some baking as well.

4. Read more. I think I resolve to do this every year. It’s tough for me to come home and read after a long day. And even more hard to pick up a book rather than popping a movie in. But, I want to become a better reader. My goal is to become such a reader that I can justify buying an electronic reader of some sort.

5. Get out of my comfort zone more. I have a bad habit of getting too comfortable. I get stuck in my rut and only do the same things with the same people and the same places. I’m hoping that living in a new area will bring out the adventurous part of me and encourage me to step out and go new places, meet new people, and just become more cultured and oriented in this really cool city I live in.

So, here’s to setting goals, moving on, and living the life you want. What ar eyou guys hoping to accomplish this year?