1. Go see “White Christmas” at Ovens Auditorium
2. Attend Office Christmas Party
3. Run on Saturday (more on this below)
4. Finish decorating the house
5. Throw our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
6. Christmas Movie Day with roomies
7. Go see the very last performance of the Durham Christmas Pageant
8. Finish Start Christmas Shopping
9. Wrap gifts
10. Finish DIY Christmas gift project and BLOG IT
11. Bake all my annual Christmas goodies
12. Drive to Durham and spend 5 days with friends and family (including meeting Ryder Brown!)
13. Deliver goodies to friends while I’m in town
14. Work & possibly MOVE the week between Christmas & New Years
15. Ring in the New Year

Additions to the list:
16. Finish selling furniture items on CL I sold 5 pieces of furniture in 4 days!
17. Purge things for Goodwill
18. PACK
19. Get keys Dec. 29th
20. Move furniture Dec. 31 Actually was able to accomplish this on Dec. 30!

The big move of 2010 is finally done! After TONS of trips back and forth, we finished moving, cleaning, and settling in to the new place. We absolutly LOVE it! It’s a great place and we are so excited about living on that side of town. Pictures will be to come for sure.

I’m just so glad it went smoothly. One thing we did NOT expect was to be able to borrow a friend’s truck for the entire day Thursday. So insteadof using a Uhaul Friday, we were able to get it all done in multiple trips on Thursday. Not the easiest route but it was definitley a blessing to be able to use their truck and it saved us some money and time on the Uhaul Friday.

We are pretty much unpacked. There are still pictures to hang and some final touches to be made but we are getting there! Stay tuned for some pictures next week (most likely).

Oh, and the Pug is adjusting well! He was in somewhat of a panic when we were moving things over on Thursday. Especially when it was just him left in my room at one point when we were taking the last of the furniture.  But when I came back for him and he saw that all our stuff was at a new location, he came back to his normal self.

One thing that he doesn’t like though is the sound of the security system beeping. He’s never lived anywhere with one so he gets whiny and a little freaked out when it beeps so loudly. I’m sure he’ll get use to it though. It’s tough being so small sometimes!