Oh my gosh. Where to begin?!?

I had a WONDERFUL Christmas break. I got to see so many people, spend time with my family, and even got to enjoy some snow! First on the list was meeting this little guy….

Oh. My. Gosh. How cute is he in that tiny little outfit???

And here’s Kara-love holding him. How tiny!! Such a sweet little peanut.

Close up of the cuteness. He is so small that he only has about 5 outfits that fit him right now. Even this little green fleece number was pretty big on him. But he’s up to 5lbs. 2 oz. so we are thankful for that! Keep growing little guy!

Not the best pic of yours truely but he was too cute to deprive you all of his charm! He slept pretty much the entire time we were there. I loved watching the funny faces he made and the rolling of the eyes. He is so sweet. Can’t wait to see him again in a few weeks!

I also got to go visit with some firends including Marianne and Brooke! I got to deliver some goodies and just sit and chat with them for a while. I twas good to hear about what all’s been going on with them!

Brooke made me one of my FAVORITE Christmas presents this year.

How cute is this hat? And she made it to match my new coat! Love it!! She’s so talented.

I also did  some shopping for the little brother. His birthday is on Christmas Eve so we always do a little birthday celebration after the candle light service. I asked my parents what they were getting him and they told me they were getting him this…

So natuarally,what goes great with a new rifle? AMO! I went to the gun store with my dad and bought 100 bullets to go with his gift. I guess there’s a first for everything! It was a strange experience. And a strange thing to buy as a gift. But it fit so I just went with it.

In between visiting friends and birthday celebrations, I did TONS of DIYing as well which I will be posting tomorrow (hopefully). I was really happy with how everything turned out!

After visitng with friends, I came home to this giant box with my name on it one night…

Please excuse the grainy quality. This one is a BB photo. But please note the size compaired to the chair rail on the wall. Yeah. Crazy big! I was quite excited to see what it was Christmas morning when I unwrapped it and found this picture on the box…

A table for the new place!! Mom did a GREAT job with this one. I mentioned to her we were going to be looking for a certain type of table and she totally delivered. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Bogart got a pretty sweet gift from them as well…

It’s a fleece!  And what’s better than giving a dog a fleece pull over?

Giving 2 dogs matching pull over fleeces!! How cute. And yes I did bribe them with treats to take this picture.

After a wonderful Christmas dinner, we all settled in to watch some Christmas movies. An hour or to in, we looked outside and saw that it had begun to snow. Here’s my parent’s back deck the next morning…

So pretty! 4 inches and counting on Sunday morning.

 We loaded up and headed to church along with about 20 other people. It was a great service and fun to get out and see all the snow around town.

When we got home, we ate lunch and then me and Audra put on our ski bibs to go try out one of our Christmas presents…

We got sleds!! We found a hill down the street that we went down a few times and then we decided to go to our old neighborhood which had a HUGE sledding hill when we were kids. We would always go sled on it for hours and hours. When we got there, it was so much smaller than I remember! Isn’t it funny how that happens when you get older? Things that seemed huge are so much smaller now. We still went down it on our sleds enough to get tired.

Audra in the snow after going down the hill.

Dad watching from the top of the hill.

Since we were directly accross from our old house, we decided to take a picture with it in the background.

It’s hard to believe we grew up in that tiny house which I also thought was huge at the time.

It was a GREAT Christmas with my family and friends. Almost wish it didn’t go by so fast. Now, I’m back with TONS to do before the big move this week. Lots of packing, roommate dinner and gifts, and then getting the keys to the new place on Wednesday are all on my agenda. Here’s goes nothing!