I was just typing “Good Morning” when I realized it was 4:19 pm. That should summarize my day! Very relaxed with no worries about time. I just thought I would tell everyone Merry Christmas today. I didn’t really do a “send off” post to let everyone know I was going home and taking a blogging break so I thought I would just jump on and and give you a quick update!

I made it to Durham.
Saw the bambino. Struggled with taking him with me.
Realized I would have to feed and change him and quickly gave him back.
He is precious. Pictures to come.
Delivered cookies to dear friends.
Finished all my DIY gifts that I saved till the last minute.
Did some shopping with Dad and sis.
Wrapped some more.
Watched A Christmas Story about 57 times.
Attended the candle light service on Christmas Eve.
Dinner for my baby brother’s 20th birthday.
Went to bed so Santa would come.
Opened gifts with the family.

It was a great day.
Now we’re just waiting on the snow.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by friends and family. And I hope you all celebrated the true meaning of Christmas and thought of that little baby in the manger so many years ago. I know I have.

Merry Christmas!!