Saturday after I ran 13.1. miles, showered, and took a nap (fyi, you better believe I’ll be inserting that little tid-bit in all my posts any chance I get), we cleaned the house, did some last minute food prep, and then hosted about 30 of our closest friends for an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY!

I didn’t take TONS of pictures because I was a little busy playing host. But here are the roomie pics we got.

This is the formal family portrait in front of the tree.

This pretty much sums up the atmosphere at our house…

Most likely our last roomie pic.

Why yes! My sweater is lit up! Major thanks to Amy D and her extensive sweater collection for lending my sweater as well as Meredith’s sweater vest for our party. I wouldn’t consider them in the “ugly” category but more of the “3rd grade teacher” category. Either way, they were perfect!

There were lots of pictures taken, ugliest sweater contests, tons of food, and even some eggnog made an appearance. We had a great time and it was so great to throw one last party at “our house” before we all move in a few weeks.

I highly reccomend throwing one of these! It provides lots of laughs and lots of great photo ops!