I can’t express ENOUGH how extreamly happy I am that I stuck with this goal! I know there was a lot of whining, fear, and down right being scared of it. But in the end, it was SO worth it. Here’s how the day went…

I got up at 6am and ate a high protein breakfast (english muffin with peanut butter) and then began to get ready. I had laid out all my gear the night before so I would have to do little to no scrambling in the morning. Best idea ever because my mind was going in a million different directions.

After I geared up, my 2 wonderful roommates and my dear friend Melissa (shout out! whoop whoop!) all joined me downtown. We arrived, parked, and walked to the start line. We found this cool mirror pheonix sculpture which we decided to pose under.  Always something new downtown…

Here’s Sally and I right before I went to get in the start line. She ran the Jingle Jog 5K  that morning. Can you see her headband? It says “Will Run for Spiked Eggnog”. If you know Sally at all, this headband was MADE for her. She loves some Eggnog!

You know you are digging my outfit 🙂 Here I am saying bye to my fan club before finding my pace group. It was a balmy 35 degrees at the start!

Here’s the break down of how the miles went.

Miles 1-4: Feeling good. Warming up. Running with TONS of people.
Mile 5: FIrst big hill. It’s officially spread out. Getting Warm. Toss gloves to the sideline and tie jacket around waste. Walk 1/10 of a mile because legs were burning from the hills.
Mile 6.2: I’m right at the exact same pace as the Cooper 10K back in April. At this point, I’m not worried about my pace. Feeling good about finishing.
Miles 6-7: Got my second wind. Feeling good. Running through some beautiful neighborhoods.
Mile 8-9: Hitting more hills, walking a little more. Feet are starting to hurt.
Mile 10: Hitting the preverbial wall. Push through it though. Only 3 miles left!
Mile 11-13.1: My entire body is hurting. More downhill than uphill though so it’s looking good. Once I see we are heading back towards the tall buildings, I get my 3rd wind and push through to the end.

Clock Time: 3:03:57
Chip Time: 3:00:16

Here I am with my medal! So glad to be done!

Here’s me with my fan club waiting at the finish. I was really glad they were there afterall.

In the end, I am really glad I did it. It was tough, long, and I was exhausted but it feels great to say I stuck to my goal and completed it. Thunder Road was a definitely a challenge both mentally and physically. But it was worth it.

One thing I’m SOOOO very thankful for was that I was well hydrated, my lungs never hurt, and there was no cramping whatsoever. I am beyond amazed and thankful that I didn’t have to encounter any of those issues.

Sally even gave me my fist 13.1. momento when we got home.

So glad you are behind me, Thunder Road!

Major thanks to Mert, Sal, and Melissa who cheered me on. And thanks to you guys for all your support! Also, thanks to Melissa for being photographer for me!