I can’t believe it’s already the 2nd week of December. Why does time start to FLY by when you get older? I REALLY DON’T LIKE IT.

Since there are very few days left in this calendar year, here is a quick rundown of what all I have left to do. Hopefully this will help me organize my thoughts and  not hyperventalate remain calm.

1. Go see “White Christmas” at Ovens Auditorium
2. Attend Office Christmas Party
3. Run on Saturday (more on this below)
4. Finish decorating the house
5. Throw our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
6. Christmas Movie Day with roomies
7. Go see the very last performance of the Durham Christmas Pageant
8. Finish Start Christmas Shopping
9. Wrap gifts
10. Finish DIY Christmas gift project and BLOG IT
11. Bake all my annual Christmas goodies
12. Drive to Durham and spend 5 days with friends and family
13. Deliver goodies to friends while I’m in town
14.  Work & possibly MOVE the week between Christmas & New Years
15. Ring in the New Year

Wow. I’m exhausted just from typing all that. Throw in the fact that one of my dearest friend’s is going to have a baby at some point in there and I’m one crazy wreck of person this month!

And as for this half marathon, it’s time to just go ahead and admit it.

WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?! RUN?? 13.1 MILES??? IN THE BUSIEST MONTH OF THE YEAR??? Clearly I was not my normal self the day I registered.

(As if you haven’t heard me complain about this run enough, here comes some more!)

To be quite honest with you, blogosphere, I’ve been on the fence about this run for a week or 2 now. There is a Jingle Jog 5K  the same morning that I have been contemplating switching to instead of the half. But after lots of thinking and soul searching, I’ve decided to stick to the half. I think I would really be dissapointed in myself if I were to give up now.It’s a goal that I set and I’m determined to reach it. But, at this point, I really am just doing it for me. I don’t want an audiance. Part of me wants to just drive myself and drive home afterwards with no support. Why do you ask? Because I am *THAT* nervous about it!! It’s going to be FREEZING, I have a 3 hour time limit, there is the threat of the “sag wagon” picking me up, and did I mention it’s going to be FREEZING?  I just want to be done with it. The stomach aches, the nightmares, the anxiety of it all. I want to pound it out and be done!

So, that’s where we stand with that. I probably won’t mention it anymore until Monday when I share the results. So, say a prayer for lung stamina, leg strength, and just plain old courage that I get this thing over with.

This will be my mantra the entire 13.1 miles…


Oh and you better believe I’ll be sporting this sticker on my car after this weekend…

Feel free to send them to me IN BULK as I will be putting them ON EVERYTHING I OWN. Seriously.