I love having married friends. They are so fun to hang out with. My favorite part is watching the dynamic between them. The old saying that your partner in marraige should make you a better person is something I think is so true. That should happen and be evident to everyone. Those couples are the most fun to hang out with because you can tell they are so happy just to have found each other.

But there is 1 thing that drives me NUTS about married couples. And it has to do with this statement.

“So, tell me the story of how you guys got together!”

Usually the couple looks at each other with big toothy grins and they start the story.

“We met through a mutual friend.”

“We had a class together in college.”

“We were high school sweethearts.”

The beginning of the story starts a million different ways and it always seems promising. Usually they will share how he asked for her number or how the first phone call happened. But then they say…

“And the rest is history!” or “One thing led to another and here we are!”

Or my absolute favorite “And…*insert amount of days/month/years*…now we’re here!”

This is SOOOO not what we want to hear. We want the details. How did the first date happen? Where did you go? How long before he called you? How long did you date ? How did he propose?

These are all things your single (girl) friends are wanting to know. So, do us a favor and don’t skip out on the details. Don’t make us fish for them by asking 20 questions. We want them. I guess sometimes you might feel bad that your love story happened and ours haven’t yet. But don’t!! We need to hear that love stories still happen. So, talk away!

Consider this your PSA. Thank you and good day.