Dear Half Marathon: After my 6.5 mile run this past weekend, I’m feeling better and better about you. I’m going to try to do an 8 miler this weekend and then a 10. I’m not scared of you anymore.

Dear November: Are you really half way over already?? I swear that Halloween was just yesterday.

Dear Thanksgiving: Next week, huh? Can’t believe you’re already here too. I don’t know why I’m always shocked when you come so fast. I’ll be saying the same thing in a month about your cousin, Christmas.

Dear Family: Really looking forward to seeing you next week!

Dear New Christmas Tree: Can’t wait to put you up when I get back from Thanksgiving. YAY!

Dear Black Friday Shoppers: Have at it! I’ll be at home watching Christmas movies, drinking coffee, and decorating. Don’t worry, I won’t be in your way!!

Dear Holday Traffic: Do you think you could stay off the roads from 4-6 on Wednesday night so I can ge thome at a decent hour? Thanks!

Dear Turkey: Looking forward to you.

Dear Cranberry Sauce: You can stay in the can.