Dear Thunder Road,

When I signed up to run all 13.1 miles of you back in June, I had this really great vision of running a great race, crossing the finish line, and feeling like I had achieved a HUGE goal of mine in the year 2010. I knew the training would be hard, I would want to give up multiple times, and I would be so thankful to finish you and take a break from running for a while.

Well, you are exactly a month away from today and I can honestly say I still have about 95% of those same feelings. I’m a bit scared though. As any first half marathon can be, I’m a tad bit intimidated by your hills, worried about my stamina, and frankly fearful for my lungs in that 40 degree air. But I have high hopes for finishing you out.

I’ve had my fair share of “freak out moments” when I am so discouraged that I can’t believe what I’ve gotten myself into. And then I have moments where I’m almost mad at you and can’t wait to get you over with. I’ve had plenty of nightmares about over-sleeping, my legs giving out half way through, and even being chased by THE SWEEPER. But I try to ignore them and keep a regular running schedule.

There have been weeks where I have run 4 times and felt great and other weeks where I didn’t even lace up my Asics and felt guilty. But as you approach, I now know that you will be a huge test for my body. My endurance. My mind.

So, as I mark days off my calendar till your debut, I will keep running. Keep trying. And keep praying.

I’m coming for you.