Thanks for the sweet comments and emails about the DIY yesterday. Glad you guys liked it! I was really happy with the result and it looked really good on the gift table with out theme. The mom-to-be loved it as well. The Grandma-to-be wanted to take it home and was denyed. I just thought it was a really cute simple way to give a gift and be creative. I’m sure this won’t be my last!

I have a feeling that this little bambino that’s due in December is going to give me MAJOR baby fever! This could turn tragic. But none the less, I’m so excited for the new baby!!

I’m fighting a cold this week. It hit me around 8:00 Sunday evening after I got home from my day in Durham. I woke up feeling pretty crummy Monday and REALLY crummy Tuesday. But after upgrading my meds from “regular” to “severe” cold and spending 12 hours in bed Tuesday (6pm to 6am) I’m feeling MUCH better. I still have a cough and a deep voice (my sexy phlem for all you “Friends” lovers) but I’m doing much better.

I hope I’m feeling back at 100% by Saturday. I’m hoping to get a LONG run under my belt. I haven’t mentioned it much on here but I am still running. I’m doing pretty good and I’m feeling better and better about the half coming up in a month. I’ll have a post on it tomorrow. Stay tuned!

In other news, we have a problem. I found these in the drugstore yesterday…

1 oz. Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Santa

I’m in big trouble.  These things are AMAZING and they start making them in the shape of Santas, move on to hearts in Jan-Feb, and then eggs for March-April. Which basically means I’ll be going to the drugstore for my fix at least once a week for the next few months. Oh dear. Willpower, this would be a nice time for you to show up.

Is it just me or did November sneak up on us this year? It seems crazy that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away!! I’m excited though because it’s going to be a fun holiday season.! I’m pretty excited about our Christmas Party coming up in December. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Here’s a hint 🙂

No, this isn’t Bogart but I can’t pass up a pug picture!