As the holidays approach, the coupons and great deals are starting to emerge! Keep an eye out for emails and coupon codes for all your holiday shopping!

I have been scoping out the deals trying to save where I can this season. I’m also trying this new thing called “getting ahead of the game”. I think it’s evil brother “procrastination” creeps into my schedule every year.

Anyways, last week I received an email for a  50% off coupon for a piece of outerwear at Old Navy. UM, YES PLEASE!! I’ve been eyeing a pea coat for about 2 years now but just couldn’t justify the price tag when I had plenty of other coats. So, when I got this little gem in my email, it was as if the coupon was created just for me. I went to my nearest Old Navy and purchased this number for less than $30.

SCORE! I was so excited! And in orange which will go with so many things I already have. I also chose to stear clear of the black and greys mainly because they would turn into a magnet for Pug fur as soon as they enter the house.

I also have been scoping out Hobby Lobby for a project which I will post next week. While I was there, I noticed they had all their ornaments out for 50% off! My friends and I do an ornament exchange every year so this was the perfect opportunity to scoop them up while I could!

I was also able to order a really great Christmas present for my dad this morning using a coupon code I found. I can’t reveal what I got him since he reads regualry (hey daddy!) but let’s just say…it’s awesome.

So keep an eye out for those good deals! They are out there more than ever!!