I think I’ve mentioned a few times my love for Charlie Brown. They bring back wonderful childhood memories for me. I use to anticipate the holiday specials the week of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Now I own them on DVD but I still love to wait and watch them when they come on ABC (Thursday at 8, by the way!).

So it was no surprise when I picked out my pumpkin stencil this year for the Pumpkin Carving Party we had 2 Friday’s back…

Yeah. I was really excited when I found it!!

When it came time to carve the pumpkin, it was VERY dark outside and we had minimal light. So, I did the abbreviated version. But only after Linus lost an arm. I was bummed. But it turned out ok. I failed to get a picture of it the first night. So after getting back to Charlotte and setting on our front stoop, I went out a few days later to snap a quick picture before heading to work.

I opened the door and Linus was gone! My entire pumpkin had completely vanished. Who in the world would steel a one-armed Linus and The Great Pumpkin jackolantern?!?! I was in shock.

So when Mert and I decided to carve pumpkins Saturday, we took no chances. I carved a mean face and named him Garth.

Mert carved a silly face and named him Lloyd. Between the 2 of them, nobody was stealing these gourds!

And nobody did. They made it through Halloween. I guess Linus was just too innocent looking. Poor guy. Maybe I’ll attempt him again next year.