Sorry I have been MIA this week! I’ve been majorly busy at work and also have just been trying to relax in the evenings at home. I had a lot on the DVR to catch up on!

I’ve also got multiple projects going on for friends, clients, work,etc. You name it, I probably have my hand in a project that concerns it. But I don’t mind because I like staying busy and most of my projects are creative. One in particular is SUPER fun and I am so excited to see it scome together next week! I will also be showing a tutorial on this little DIY project in future posts. I know, can you believe it? A post where I might actually have pictures! That’s enough to keep you coming back, huh? 🙂

I’ve also been packing up for my weekend trip to get my pumpkins, fair, and homecoming on! This weekend is basically the epitomy of a fall weekend. Kicking it off with a little Pumpkin Party wherein we carve pumpkins and eat all our favorite fall foods. Then we move on to a trip to the State Fair tomorrow wherein we eat more food, visit the blue ribbon pumpkin (personal fave), and also maybe jump on the ferris wheel for a ride. Then we move on to Homecoming at my home church. This year in particular is big because they are unveiling the new gymatorium and kitchen which has been a top secret project for almost 6 months. Not to mention seeing tons of old friends and a giant pot luck lunch under tents . It’s going to be a lot of fun!

And what it comes to pumpkins, I just have to mention that it took me FOREVER to pick out a pumpkin this year! Anyone else having trouble finding a good pumpkin without tons of blemishes?? I heard the pumpkin crop didn’t do very well this year but I had no idea! I did find one though and I found the PERFECT stencil to use tonight. Pictures will be taken. Mark my words!