I’m writing in hopes to get out of my Wednesday-I’m-tired-want-to-go-home funk. Let’s see if it works…
hand stamped silver bird necklace

I found this necklace in my “Things I Like” folder.
I still love this necklace and have not purchased it yet. For the record.
Email me if you want details on how to buy it for me.

I am TRIPPIN’ over Abby’s (over at Babbling Abby) thrifting abilities. She is just one of those people who has such a good eye for a good buy! I also think they must just have much better deals up in Kentucky! Check out her post where she scored 2 pair of suede boots for $2!


I didn’t even know that was possible!!

Also, go check out Vestique.com


A very talented girl who I went to high school with launched an online boutique with one of a kind pieces. She has amazing taste and with one of a kind pieces all priced under $100, it’s the perfect spot to find your next party dress or handbag. Check it out!!

Wow, this writing thing kind of worked 🙂