Dear Pumpkin Muffin Mix from Trader Joes: You are awesome enough to make me stock up since you are only available for a few short months. I will be back!

Dear Fall Weather: Where are you hiding? I saw on the forecast you will be back by Thursday. That makes me happy. Please don’t stray away anymore.

Dear Long Commute to Work (this week only): We aren’t really friends. How people continue to drive in an hour to work when it should only take 30 is beyond me. But for a week, I can hang in there.

Dear New Black Boots: I really love you! I’m not a normal boot wearing type of girl but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Now if only  you could help me find your brown counterparts at a reasonable price.

Dear New Recipes: The test runs this weekend went great! Can’t wait to make you for actual people next time!

Dear Next Weekend: You are going to be packed full with fun stuff and I can’t wait!!

Dear Running: Good to see you again. Go easy on me.

Dear Relaxing Nights This Week: Thank you. More than you know.

Dear October: Please don’t go by so fast!