…must come down.

Back in my recap of my trip to Haiti this past spring, I touched on some major work we accomplished. We constructed a GIANT tent for church to be held under in Repatriote. It was an amazing project we were all so proud to have been a part of it.

Well, a few weeks back, we got word form the mission team down there that a large storm came through and ripped and tore that tent down. No one was injured by the tent but the poles came down as well as the tarp. This happened a few weeks back and it still really upsets me to think about how much work and time we put into putting up that tent only for it to be torn down 5 months later. I mean, I knew it couldn’t stay up FOREVER. It’s only a tent, you know? But it’s devistating to see something you worked so hard on be torn down. It’s even more devistating to know that that tent was all that they had to hold church under until the church building get’s rebuilt.

I started and stopped this post a few weeks back because I realized how angry it sounded. I can’t be angry it fell. Because this is earth, things fall. Things that you spend hours and days on can crumble in an instant. Buildings, homes, and lives that took weeks, months, and years to build can all come crashing down in a 30 second 7.0 earthquake.

But then, this weekend as I was doing some reading, in Crazy Love (which coincidently I CRAZY LOVE – my 3rd time reading it) I realized that God’s hands are in this. His hands helped us to construct that tent and his hands will build their church building back. He controls the weather and if a storm came through, it was HIS storm. So, he has all control.

I knew he had control all along but looking at it from the prespective of Haiti and the work lef tto do there brings it into a completely different light.

So, continue to pray for Haiti and the people there. And to catch up on what’s going on down there, read Nathan & Stephen‘s blogs.