1. I’m running out of whitty names for these random posts.

2. Between my day job, babysitting, and my freelance job I do here and there, I will have put in 63 hours this week. In a word, I’m exhausted. It’s just been one of those weeks where the work was there, it needed me, so I did it. Looking forward to a much slower week next week.

3. I’ll be house sitting next week which is exciting. It’s like a free mini vacation at someone else’s house. I’m taking the Pug. Should be good times.

4. Got new boots last week. Loving them. Lots!

5. Next weekend, I get to go watch a band competition. I know for most of you, that seems like a VERY nerdy way to spend a Saturday. Not to me. Band compeitions are such a good memory for me from high school. I’m really looking forward to it. The cool air and the sound of the drum core while eating conession stand food. Feels like a part of fall for me.

6. Sorry this post is so lame. It’s been a crazy week.