Oh Monday. You always come back around.

I had a great weekend at home. I got to spend some time with the family and recharge my batteries which is what I desperatly needed. Besides getting the best 2 nights of sleep in a while, I got to enjoy the beautiful weather at a neighborhood pot-luck picnic (yum)…


I also laced up my running shoes for the first time in a week or 2. It felt good to run again. More on that later.

I also was able to get a MUCH needed haircut, go out for my Mom’s birthday dinner, and then meet some friends for coffee. It was just a really great day!

At church yesterday, my Dad placed 2 dozen roses at the front of the chuch in honor of  my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. So sweet. They were beautiful! Sorry for the blurry BB photo…the camera’s battery was dead so this is all I had.

He also made a rather big announcement  in church yesterday concerning something that has been a part of my life for the past 20 years. This year will be the last Durham CHristmas Pageant. This is something that our church has done ever since we moved to Durham. It’s always been a part of my holiday season so for this to be the last seems strange. I can’t imagine a Christmas without it. But it is for the best. With a lot of changes being made at the venue as well as all the renovations happening at the church, it is a good time to finish out this chapter and start a new one next year.

Not to mention, my Mom and Dad will have 4 months of the year back that they dedicate to the DCP. It will be strange but it will be good. And I’m glad that everyone is on board with ending an era and beginning a new one.

And just to prove that everyone had a good time this weekend, here is a VERY tired pug trying to stay awake on the drive home yesterday. How pitiful.

Can’t wait to go back in a couple of weeks for The Pumpkin Party, The Fair, and Homecoming!