This weekend, I’m heading home to celebrate 2 major milestone this weekend. My parents are celebrating 30 years of marriage this weekend and also my mother is turning a very important age within the next week. I won’t reveal her age because that would be distasteful of me.


Sorry about that. Where was I?

Oh yes, my parent’s 30th anniversary. I’m so exreamly proud to have parents who have made it 30 years. In a world where 50% of marriages end in divorce and vows tend to be forgotten so easily, I am so thankful that I have parents who are still making their marriage work.

The one thing I can ALWAYS say about my parents and be proud of is that they are a team. In  ALL things. When I was a teenager, this really bugged me. I hated that I couldn’t play one against the other as so many teens do their parents. If my mom said no, my dad meant no. If my dad said no, my mom meant no. They are an AWESOME tag team. And that is something I am so greatful for now.

My parents have been through a lot and it is so inspiring to see them celebrate 30 years. I’m so proud to say they have made it 30 years and I look forward to celebrating 40 and 50 as well!

Congratulations Mom & Dad!

Mom & Dad’s engagement photo

New Years a few years back.
Love them. LOTS.