You guys know what I’m talking about. Those relationships with people, things, places, or ideas that just drive you nuts! You love them one day and you hate them the next. I have recently discovered I have quite a few of them. Is this normal??

1. The DVR

I love that it records my shows. 
I hate that I have to wait sometimes.
I love that I can skip through the commericals
I hate that sometimes I’m home wanting to watch but have to wait 30 minutes in to start watching!
I know this is completely backwards and the whole point is to watch on your own free time but in all honestly, I mostly use it to skip commercials.

2. Trash Pick-up

I love that they pick it up once a week.
I hate that I always forget to roll it out.
I love that they make it simple.
I hate that they don’t pick it up if it isn’t in the bin. Frustrating.

3. Facebook


I love that it helps me keep in touch.
I hate all the stupid games you can play on it.
I love how I can contact anyone with ease.
I hate that anyone can find me with ease.
Sometimes the world is WAY too small, if you catch my drift.

5. The Gym/Running

I love that I feel great after I go.
I hate going. Period.
This is a pretty normal one for most people.

6. Jean Shopping.

 I hate trying on pair after pair.
I love finding the perfect pair of jeans.
I hate that I’m so short by “jeans standards”.
I love that I found the perfect place to have them hemmed!

7. The Blog. There. I said it.

I love keeping track of my year by blogging.
I hate that sometimes it feels like a chore.
I love that I have made so many friends through it.
I hate that I feel like I have to censor myself sometimes.
I love that it is a form of accountability.
I hate that I feel guilty if I haven’t posted for a while.

What are some of your love/hate relationships??