So, I realize I have really been neglecting the ole’ blogosphere lately. Partially due to my business and partially due to my slackness. This week, I’ve been busy visiting the dentist to have some additional silver added to my collection. I started my collection when I was a kid and I had stopped collecting sometime around 9th grade. But one needed to be replaced. So, I decided to just make a day of it and avoid the workplace so as not to answer the phone with a lisp and scare clients. It was for the best.

But today I’m back and am having little to no pain from my addition. Insert sigh of relief here. I did wake up to a scary nightmare this morning though. I knew it was just a matter of time before I started having crazy dreams about this half marathon coming up in December. Last night was the night.

I dreamt that I woke up late for the race. When I did wake up, I had no car to drive to the race in and ended up running downtown (roughly 25 miles away). When I got there, the race had started and I was told it was to late. The sweeper would get me if I even attempted to finish in time. I’m sure this dream is one of many to come. I am always dreaming strange dreams when ever big events are approaching. Weddings. Big holiday plans. A big trip. Lord help me someday when I’m planning a wedding and a big trip together around holidays! Those are sure to be crazy.

Speaking of crazy, here is some video I shot of the pug and the cat. As promised last week, I wanted to show you what sort of ineresting relationship is forming at our house. I can’t decide if this is a good thing or bad. And what you witness here is only the beginning. I could shoot footageof this for HOURS in the evening. They are beyond funny together.

Yep. My dog is scared of a kitten.

I think my favorite part is how Charlie throws himself on the floor like bait to see if Bog will jump down after him. That kitty is a sly one. Also, the music playing on the TV is quite funny when they start running. Sorry for the dim lighting. It didn’t look that dark on the BB when I was shooting it.

Glad to be back! Missed you guys!