• Tuesday: 3 miles, easy
  • Saturday: 4 miles, outside

So, some high notes and low notes this week. First off, I was quite proud of the running I did do. As I mentioned before, it was a high stress week for me and therefore the running was just not a top priority. I am glad I put in the time that I did even though it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

The low points do include the lack of effort due to other stuff going on. I had a lot of obligations this week that took up a lot of my non-working time which I usually carve out for running. I also was aiming for a 6 mile outside run Saturday. I got started a little to late int he day and by the time i hit 4 it was a blazing 93 degrees. So I called it quits for fear of heat stroke.

THe 4 miles was a really good steping stone though. I’m glad I was able to knock that out. It didn’t come easy though. Running outside is a different ballgame. And head games and endurance are the name of that game. I was glad I knocked it out and it felt great to start off my weekend with it.

This week, I will be taking at least 1 day off due to a trip to the dentist chare to get a filling replaced (YIKES) but I plan on getting some miles in tonight as well as Wednesday and Thursday.

I also have a friend coming in this weekend (yaaay!) so I will be getting my long run in on Thursday night hopefully. I’m aiming for 5 miles outside.

Still think I’m crazy for even attempting this half in December. I think I feel crazier and more niave every week. I hear thats normal. I hope it is.