Dear Labor Day Weekend: You. Were. Awesome. I loved everything but the 5 hour drive home from the beach Monday. That felt way to much like labor to me. But other than that, you were superb!

Dear Biting Flies: YOU, on the other hand, were NOT superb! FYI, you can really ruin a fun day at the beach.

Dear Super Cute Store: I loved so many things.  I saw so many birthday gifts for friends I wanted to come back and purchase! I had forgotten my purse at the house when I visited you though. When I went back at 9am on the day we left, I found out you did not open till 10am. You were cute but not cute enough to hang around a-whole-nother hour. Sigh.

Dear Starbucks: I’m a big fan of your Toffee Mocha Latte. It’s way up there with Pumpkin Spice, Cinnimon Dolche, and White Mocha.

Dear Hog Jog 5K: I’m looking forward to you this Saturday! I must admit, your promise of Barbeque afterwards was a big selling point.

Dear Fall Weather: I’m ready for ya! Now that the beach trips and my birthday are over, I’m ready for the cool crisp air, the switching of the wordrobe, the pumpkin carving, and apple cider! Bring. it. On.

Dear 2nd Dentist Appointment: You on the other hand can take a litte longer. Dreading. You.

Dear Scarf Collection: I’m *thisclose* to pulling you out! Eeeeee!

Dear Emeral Isle Beach House: You weren’t fancy but you sure did do the trick. Thanks for letting us hang out for a few days.

Dear Hurricane Earl: Thanks for not ruining Labor Day Weekend after all.

Dear Wind: Thanks for showing up and letting my Dad finally fly his kite. I’m pretty sure it was the highlight of the weekend for me.