Two whole days with no posts! Sorry guys! With the lack of BB (my go-to camera) and also energy, I’ve just been in a blogging slump. But I’m back and want to introduce you to Charlie, the new addition to Tiger Lane.

We like to pronounce his name “Cha-lee” with a British accent.
It’s just cuter that way.

Roomie S got Charlie this week.

He is only 9 weeks old. He’s very spunky and loves to play.

His coloring is really pretty and the most unique thing about him are his circles. He has identical white circles on both of his sides. They look like someone set a wet glass on him and left a ring. We really hope they stay and that he doesn’t grow out of them.

As for the Pug…well, he’s not so sure about Charlie. He’s been around cats but never one this small. He wants to play but isn’t quite sure how.

Charlie isn’t scared of Bog. He lets him sniff him and walk around him. Every now and then, he will get spooked and do the “halloween cat” move with the arched back and frizzed out tail.

But something tells me they will eventually be best buds.

In other news, I’m headed to good ole’ D-town this weekend for some family and friend time! The plan is to head out to see Brad Paisley with the friends Saturday and then be quite lazy with the fam the rest of the time. I’m also dragging Mert along for the ride. For the record, she’s going willingly. We are hoping to get in a run around the neightborhood on Saturday in this cool weather we’ve been having lately. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes on Monday!