Well, I’m back from weekend #2 at the beach. I can officially say I have had plenty of time in the sun, sand and salt water. I came back this weekend with a tan, a new dress which I found on SALE (happy b-day to me!), and my Krispy Kreme fix. We had a really great time this past weekend. We went out for seafood 2 nights in a row which was AMAZING, did some shopping at Barefoot, visited the beach twice, and even made a trip to Calabash Creamery for the BEST Key Lime Pie ice cream EVER. It was really fun and we had a good time. After 2 weekends at the beach, I can’t really say I want too much more out of life right now. I’m a happy girl!

Well, there was one sad event that occurred. My super cool new toy Blackberry came down with a bug early Sunday morning. I found it odd it hadn’t made any of it’s 1400 noises by around 10am and I saw that the internet wasn’t synking up. I did the batery pop-out re-boot and still found that I had full signal but no 3G internet coverage. After getting home Sunday night, I called Verizon tech support. After we tried about 12 different things, he was all “I have no idea.” And I was all “Are you serious right now?” And he was all “Yeah, 99 times out of 100, every other phone would be working now after all the things we tried.”


So after visiting the Verizon store on my lunch yesterday to play “Stump the Verizon Employee” yet again, they said that they were going to have to order me a replacement which will be here Wednesday. So, no fun gadget for 2 whole days. It’s a strange feeling to have all that technology and then suddenly have it go away. It sort of feels like when I had my first phone and my mom wouldn’t pay the extra $7 for caller id. Very…old school. But no worries. I’ll be back up and running by Wednesday!

Just in time to head to Durham for the Brad Paisley concert this Saturday. Can’t wait! Also, did you guys know that my impending 26th year of birth celebratory 24 hours is right around the corner? Oh boy. Why are birthdays exciting and kind of depressing all at the same time? And who in the world wants to celebrate on a Wednesday? Oh well.

Wish I had a photo or 2 for you guys but the ones on my phone are stuck there till Thursday. Sorry, Charlie.

Speaking of Charlie, stay tuned…