I left work a little early to go to the dentist yesterday. Most people don’t have a problem with the dentist but I perosnally have never been a fan. I think it comes from not having the best teeth as a kid, therefore having lots of  novocain shots and fillings fill my memory bank when I hear the word dentist. I’m not scared of the dentist but it’s not my most favorite adult priority to take care of. Well, I decided to switch dentist a few weeks back due to some boring details concerning my dental insurance changing. So, I made an appointment at a new, in-network dentist close by who a friend recommended to me.

A few A TON of x-rays later, I was told I had an older filling that needed to be replaced in September. (Hello novocain! Did you miss me?) I was also told I needed to have 2 wisdom teeth out. Awesome. All my life I was told I would never need them out. They haven’t moved in 20 years. You have no troubles ahead. Little did I know, one has completely come through on the bottom and my top one is poking through AT AN ANGLE.

 Me in the dentist chair: “Ohh…that explains the pain I felt a few months ago in my jaw.”

So, a referral slip and a new toothbrush later, I’m contemplating the best time to schedule oral surgery. My glass half full & half empty attitudes are bickering in the back ground as I drive home…

Half full: “At least they are both on the right side. Your entire mouth won’t be swollen.”

Half empty: “A lop-sided chipmunk is not a cute look on anybody.”

Half full: “At least it’s not a rush type surgery. You can wait till after the holiday madness and have some time to budget the oral surgery bills in there. P.S. Thank goodness for dental insurance.”

Half empty: “Surgery ANYTIME of the year isn’t fun.It’s still going to stink.”

Half  full: “People have their wisdom teeth out all the time. No biggie.”

Half empty: “Just not looking foward to it. Nobody ever told me you start to fall apart at 25!”

Oh well. It is what it is, right??

After my fun trip to the dentist to discuss my soon to be trip down novocain lane, I headed to babysit my buddy, T. His mom needed some peace and quiet to get some work done so I offered to come over and keep him busy for a few hours. Little did I know he had big plans for us.

He wanted to go to Chuck E’ Cheese.

Ya’ll, I haven’t been to see the big giant mouse they call Chuck in probably 15 years. I had totally forgotten how many loud and crazy, bare-footed, pizza faced children run around that place! Was I in for a treat. I was having a pretty good time at first. The pizza wasn’t bad, T is old enough to go do most of the games by himself, and there was plenty of tables to go around. But then I saw something that got my attention and bugged me the rest of the night.

I saw a mom pull out the hand sanitizer and make her kids clean their hands before eating pizza.


Here was T, running around playing games which tons of children have touched, taking off his shoes to go play in the jungle-gym-tube-ball-pit-thingy, carrying a cup of coins which I’m sure had been used bazillions of times and then the kicker…THE TOKENS. Can you imagine the germs on those tokens? Oh my gosh, I suddenly wanted to go bathe him in hand sanitizer from head to toe. I wanted to bathe MYSELF in hand sanitizer from head to toe. I really try not to be germiphobe but I just couldn’t hep but let my mind race with tons of thoughts of “hand foot and mouth” and “H1N1”.

As soon as these thoughts crossed my mind, the next sequence of events came in slow motion all at once. T runs up to the table, grabs a slice of pizza, starts eating, and then….LICKS HIS FINGERS. It was all I could do to grab his wrist and say “TEEEEEEEEE….NOOOOOOOOOOOO”. It was too late. The damage had been done.

We left shortly after he used all his tokens and were able to go purchase a super cool basketball for the price of 350 tickets. T had a great time. Let’s hope he doesn’t contract something from that ball pit.

And that was my Wednesday. My question is, when I did become the 25 year old granny who is fretting about oral surgery and germs? Adulthood is so fun sometimes.