• Tuesday: Run 4 miles (intervals)
  • Wednesday: Run 3 miles (easy)
  • Saturday: Run 4(ish) miles (outside – at the beach!)

Total mileage this week: 11 miles

I knew this week was going to be tough to get work outs in due to some work events during the week and also my weekend plans with the girls. But it was something that had to be done. The mileage needed to happen. So, I made it happen! I’m pretty proud of the miles I put in this week. Especially the ones I did Saturday morning.

It was quite nice running at the beach though. I liked being able to run up to the beach access, get on the sand, and just go. It was rally relaxing and it gave me a lot of time to just clear my head and stare at the scenery. For me, while I run it’s all about the mind games. I have to find  ways to take my mind off the fact that I’m running, panting, and sweating to death.  When I’m in the gym, it’s my iPod and the TV. When I’m outside, it’s just appreciating the scenery.

I did make that purchase I was talking about last week. Hopefully my new kicks will help with my long distance isssues I’ve been having. I also found some new running shorts and tanks for good prices to use on my long distance runs as well. Since this is something I’ve committed to, Ifigured I need to go ahead and commit to it completely including the necessary gear.

Thanks for all your comments, emails, and advice on the “running gels”. I’ve heard they can do some pretty meant things to your stomach if you don’t test them out. So, I’m going to do my best to try a few. Since I’m not crazy about the gel consistency right before running (yuck), I picked up a few of these at the store this week which just happened to be on sale. They are a liquid which supposedly will do the same sort of thing the gels do which is provide a boost of energy during your long workouts. According to the package, you are suppose ot drink it about 15 minutes before your workout.

I’ll try them out and let you know what I think next week.

With another beach trip at the end of this week, I’m hoping to get in a lot of mileage in a short period again starting with a 5 miler today. We will see how it goes!