Dear Cup of Regular Coffee: I think the days where you use to do the trick are ending. It may be my love for espresso but for some reason you just don’t wake me up the same way anymore. I will continue to try though!

Dear Legs: So sorry for all the running lately. I’ll give you a couple days to recover. But prepare to feel the burn on Saturday morning!

Dear Cookbooks: I’ve been neglecting you lately. Let’s change that.

Dear Friends Going to Haiti in September: I am soooo jealous! Please love on some kids, fill in some cracks, and saying “Bonjure!” hundreds of times on my behalf. I’m there in spirit!

Dear Dentist Appt. Next Week: Dreading You. The End.

Dear Parents: Sorry I haven’t been home in a while. I promise to come visit in a few weeks!!

Dear Summer Tan: Where did you go? Oh, that’s right. You barely exist due to my whole “being adult and working indoors” thing. I will find you this weekend at the beach, mark my words!

Dear Carolina Panthers: Good luck on the first pre season game tonight! Let’s get a W and start the season off right!

Dear Readers: I apologize for the UBER corny pictures below. This is the first time I have ever attempted the “take my own picture with my phone in the mirror” skill. I obviously need to work on it. Or promise to never do it again. But none the less, I said I would snap a pic of my curl down hair next time I did it so voala. Please note that this was right after I finished therefore the curls are still very bouncy and hadn’t fallen yet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh and because I’m already making fun of myself today, I’ll post the progression in learning to take my own photo…

The fishy-face-look at-the-phone-instead-of-the-mirror face…


and this is what I call The Money Shot. A combination of the 2.

You get the picture though. I’m thinking I might retire this skill.

And for good measure, here’s a shot I captured after I made my bed on Saturday.
Can you find the stubborn pug in the picture?