1. I just feel like being listy today. So here it goes. And yes this deserves it’s own number.
  2. I had chocolate chip Eggos for breakfast. They. Are. Awesome. I highly recommend them.
  3. I ran 4 miles yesterday and today my legs are crying. Literally revolting. I’m hoping some advil will help.
  4. In other news, the days I run always lead the the nights of the best sleep of my life. I love that part about working out. I always sleep like a rock!
  5. I can’t even express how ready for the beach I am this weekend. I have missed my girls tremendously! And I can’t wait to see the prego one and the baby Ryder bump. That’s the bambino’s name, by the way. How cute??
  6. Along with the beach, I get a 3 day weekend! That is almost as exciting as seeing everyone!!
  7. While at the beach, there will hopefully be some shopping. I’m planning on looking into getting some new running shoes. I’m not certain mine are really too good for my feet now that I’m into “high mileage”. Yeah, that’s what real runners call it.
  8. And last but not least, since I’m into posting video’s this week, I thought I would share this cool video of a Jump Rope halftime show. I was in complete shock! It’s kind of long (8 minutes) but it is crazy to watch!! Enjoy!