When I started out blogging, I really didn’t think much of it. It’s an online journal that others can read. No biggie. I had no intention of really publicizing it or making a dime off my blog. I really didn’t have the intention of making friends through it either. It just wasn’t even a thought to me. 

Little did I know there is a GIANT blogging community. I mean seriously, there are conferences, and meet-ups, and blogging book clubs…it’s just crazy how this simple hobby to most people has become a way to connect. While there are many men out there who blog I’m sure, the community that seems to be growing the most are women. Naturally, this is because women feel the need to create friendships and relate to one another. Women want to find common interests and are always up for sharing and talking where as men don’t always have this overwhelming urge to connect with just anyone.

As I have continued to blog, the more and more normal it seems to meet up with other bloggers in real life. I mean, why not? We all want positive reassurement when we write so why not have positive reassurment face to face? It’s becoming difficult for me to read a blog, relate, and not feel the need to comment or agree in some way as a way to pat another writer on the back and let them know they aren’t the only one. Since joining Twitter and reading my BlogRoll daily, I love seeing how other bloggers are meeting up and proving that it’s ok to have “penpals” again. I think it’s really cool to make BFs (blogging friends) into IRLFs (in real life friends), forming friendships with people accross the country and also near you as well based on this common interest of writing.

My IRLF Jess suggested going to a “Charlotte Blogger Meet-up” last week and at first I was hesitant. In a way it almost felt like online dating…I mean, what are they going to think about me? Are we really going to have things in common? What if they don’t think my blog is cool enough? But I decided to go anyway. If nothing else, it was a night out with Jess meeting new people which I am always down for.

So we went and was plesently surprised. We met at a restuarant called Charley’s and to our amzement, we walked into a room of about 15 other bloggers who all live in the Charlotte area. We all were different, had different angles and niches when it came to writing but there was so much common interest and information to be shared. I was shocked at how many people are attempting to make careers out of ther blog. There were mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, small business bloggers, food bloggers, fitness bloggers…there was a lot of creative writing talent in that room. It was neat to sit and listen to everyone talk about the direction they want to see their blog go in, steps they want to take to gain more readership, and basically just grow their hobby into something more.

I really enjoyed hearing all the tricks of the trade and getting insite into directions I could take my own blog some day. I’m glad to have jumped this hurdle and have stepped out to meet fellow blogging peeps. I highly reccomend you stepping out and doing it yourself. You would be amazed how much you have in common other than blogging!