• What do you guys think about the new header and new layout? I’m just trying it out…I felt like the ole’ blog needed a facelift! It may be changing again in the upcoming days…
  • I played kickball last night. I don’t know why but this grade school game gives me high anxiety. I was filling in for my sick roommate for the night to keep the guy to girl ratio the same. I had forgotten how much my palms sweat when I hear my name in the lineup to kick. This is probably why I never succeeded at any sports that required a ball. Because as soon as that ball is pitched to you, thrown to you, or you make any sort of contact, all eyes immediatly are on you. That’s a lot of pressure. Watching sports is awesome, I love it. Playing is a totally different story. I’m glad to be spectating for the rest of kickball season. I think the rest of the team is glad too.
  • I made a running purchase yesterday. Check out my running recap on Monday to see what it is!
  • I can’t wait to go to the beach. I’m going 2 weekends in a row coming up and I am over the moon excited! 2 mini vacays = much needed! Not to mention my tan is almost gone. I’m indoors way too much.
  • I bought some really cute baby clothes the other day. Have I mentioned how much I love shopping for babies?? Too bad I can’t use my bow making skills on this bambino. Any baby girls out there who need some bows? Let me know!!
  • I’m really looking forward to Saturday. I want to sleep in.
  • Do I dare say I’m ready for fall? In some ways I am and in some ways I’m not. Most likely after my beach trips, the Brad Paisley concert, and my birthday, I will officially be ready.
  • There are some guys named Stephen and Nathan in Haiti who are living there for a year. I think I mentioned them here.  They came up with a clever Save Haiti T-shirt and they are now selling them for $15. The money goes towards supporting them while they are in Haiti for another 6 months or so.



Clever, huh? And it’s the truth…there are TONS of goats down there. Go to Nathan’s blog and click on the “Save Haiti T-shirts ” button and support the guys down there! I will be pruchasing one for sure!