Saturday, I had the privelege of heading to Asheville with Jess for a shopping trip like no other. She had mentioned to me Thursday evening at dinner that she was going to be making the trip up to Asheville to go to the J. Crew Yard Sale.

For those of you who don’t know, J. Crew’s distribution center and office is located in Asheville. Once a month, they have a giant yard sale where they pull out clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. that need to be sold to make room for new stuff. So, they put it all in boxes and set it out in a giant warehouse type room for people to rummage through and buy for next to nothing! If you know J. Crew, you know it isn’t cheap! So, to get a top for $5, a skirt, for $10, and a dress for $20 is an amazing deal!

Jess and I pulled in and saw the line wrapped around the front of the building. So, we jumped in line and began our 3 HOUR WAIT. They were only letting people in as people checked out and left so it was quite a wait! Here is where we were about 30 minutes in…

Yeah. After we actually got in the building, it was about one more hour to actually get into the yard sale room.

But once we got in, we split up and found some major deals! Here’s a spread of what I was able to rummage, grab, and find in about an hour and a half of “shopping”. The pug at the top was a previous purchase.

4 tank tops (white, pink, purple, and dark grey)
4 tops (only 3 shown – 1 I bought for roomie S)
2 baithing suits (a tankini and a 1 piece)
Cardigan sweater (brown, far left)
Skirt (navy)
Linen pants (light grey)
Dress (eggplant on left)
Sleep pants (not show, bought for roomie M)
Pair of black flats

Total cots: $119

I added up everything as I cut the tags off last night to see what I would have paid full retail. If I had bought all this in the store with no discounts, it would have been over $625 worth of merchandise!

Considering the dress alone retailed for $128, I think I did pretty good!

Can’t wait to go back with Jess and rummage again. Check out her great finds here! She was also nice enough to post directions up to the distribution center. Check it out!

My favorite purchase of the day had to be my $5 black flats with the rosebud on the toe. Love them!

**DISCLAIMER: For the record, I just want to tell people that this type of shopping is NOT for the faint of heart. You will be on your feet for multiple hours, bending over looking through boxes, hunting and rummaging. If you like to go in a store and see everything hanging on racks, this is not for you. I was sore Sunday from the close to 6 hours on my feet along with the bending over and hunting. So, be prepared!