I don’t know about other blogging websites but WordPress has this cool little status page that you can click on and it will show you who visited your site, what search engine they used and which posts they read. It’s a pretty cool little tool and I check it usually each morning just out of curiosity to see how many hits this thing gets.

A few of the searches I’m so glad to see. Like…

Pug summer allergies
Glad this one has been used!! I was hoping my post on pug allergies would be found by other pug owners who are experiencing the same issue this summer!

diy nighstand
I hope my little tutorial will be helpful to someone else wanting to do some diy projects!

Lately, there have also been some HILLARIOUS search engine words used to find my blog. Some of them I am at a complete loss for words. Here are a few of my favs…

Jacob Eclipse no shirt
This one is popular for obvious reasons. I must admit I googled this same thing when I was looking for the pic for this post.

haiti happy
This makes me laugh because the verison of “Hatian Happiness” I wrote about was NOT happy at all!

all moms boy
I don’t even think this makes sense.

thumbs up in hospital bed
Yeah not sure where this one came from either…

and hands down the funniest is…

black girls slumber party
Literally, no words. Wow.

All my bloggy peeps, I tag you all. Go look at your stats and see what funny search terms people used to stumble upon your blog!
You are sure to get a good laugh!