So, I ran intervals yesterday at the gym. In a word – exhausting. Those things are tough! Running at one pace is much easier on the ticker. The miles did go by much fast though. It wasn’t my favorite but I’m going to continue to do it along with my reguler running regimen.

After my run, I went home in the pooring rain to a dog that desperatly needed to go outside. I then proceeded to stand in the pouring rain with my dog for 15 minutes while he paced around. SERIOUSLY? Come on dog…you’ve been couped up for 9 (almost 10) hours. I’m pretty sure you should go as soon as we walk out the door. It was one of those moments where I dreamt of having a yard where opening the sliding glass door is the extent of “taking the dog out”. Sigh. Some day.

After coming in sopping wet, I changed into sweat pants and a sweatshirt due to the chill I caught while standing in the pooring rain. Is “caught a chill” a british phrase? Either way, I had one!

 After much debate over what’s for dinner, the roommates and I decided on a Grandma’s Pie from Giacomo’s Pizza accross the street from our humble abode. This pie is heaven, you guys. It’s a blend of fresh buffalo mozerella, garlic, basil, and sauce on an olive oil brushed crust. It’s like cheese pizza on crack. It’s amazing. And was so worth every bite. I wish I had taken a picture. But let’s be real. This is me and I always think “I should have taken a picture before I devoured that!”, after I indeed devoured it. That was a strange sentence.

We then sat down and watched…wait for it…ELF. In July. That’s just how we roll on Tiger Lane. And you want to know why we watched it? Because this is one of our favorite scenes…

Yeah. It’s a strange roommate joke we have. So we say it a lot. And we just happened to say it right before sitting down for dinner. So we got the urge to watch the real thing. Nothing like in the moment kind of planning.

So after eating this pizza, we all sat down in our sweats including hoodies with blankets watching ELF. In July. Nothing like a little holiday spirit in the midst of summer. All that was missing was the Christmas Tree.

We are an interesting bunch over on Tiger Lane. I wouldn’t have it any other way.