Time for the…drum roll please…FAMILY REUNION. My grandmother’s family is all from the Charlotte area and every summer we get together for a weekend to see everyone and visit. My grandmother is one of 8 children. So you can imagine how big a group of people get together for this each year. We have family that travel from FL, GA, and even TX!  It’s always fun to see everyone.

And BONUS for me, my parents get to come see me for a change 🙂

This year, my brother and sister both bailed on me aren’t coming (lame) which means it’s just me and the rents this weekend. Which will be strange considering we are a family of 5 and we have ALWAYS been a family of 5 at the reunion. But I guess it was bound to happen eventually. It will be really great to see everyone and to answer the usual questions I answer every single year.

“Now, what is it you do again?”

“Have you graduated yet?”

“You got-chu a boyfriend yet??”

Oh how I love these age old questions.

The one thing missing from this reunion? T-shirts. And maybe a potato sac race. Because that would just be awesome. We did have a watermelon eating race last year. Blind folded. Yeah. I don’t really feel like going into all the details. Maybe in another post.

This year, my Dad is leading games and I’m leading the devotional Saturday night. I decided I would share about my trip to Haiti in April and how amazing it was. I’m a little nervous but I think it will be good for everyone to hear how they are doing over there and hear about some ways they can still help. So, it should be good! And if it’s not, let’s hope they forget about it shortly after eating their cherry cobbler and ice cream.

 Happy Friday and I will catch you guys on Monday!