Recently I’ve noticed a lot of posts about things you would tell your younger self. The idea of going back and telling a younger me things about what is to come or things I wish I knew back then is very interesting. I’ve caught myself thinking about it a lot lately and here are a few things I would have told “High School Melanie”.

  1. Do not stress about college. UNCC was a really great decision. It goes by WAY too fast and you will be amazing there. You will meet some of the best friends you will ever find and you will learn so much. So, don’t stress. College will come so natural to you.
  2. Be nicer to your parents.  Show a little more respect. You have no idea how much they have sacrificed for you.
  3. Enjoy all the time you get to spend with your friends. Cherrish every sleepover, every pool party, every church trip. Some of your best memories will be from high school. Cherrish them because once you step out of the bubble, you won’t be going back.
  4. Try not to be such a stick in the mud. It’s ok to relax  a little. Nobody expects you to be perfect. So don’t get so caught up with trying to be.
  5. Enjoy the Acura. It was a GREAT car! 2 years into college, you will have to say goodbye. The stick shift, the Glaspax muffler, the blue smoke…you will never have another car as awesome.
  6. Embrace who you are. Stop worrying so much about your weight, your status, or your need to fit in. Fitting in in high school is over rated. You may want to fit in now but you’ll want to stand out later.
  7. You know that grand plan for your life ? Yeah…about that. Your plan will not pan out. God has better things in store for you. You may be anxious to see what they are but just live in the moment and in faith knowing that He knows best.
  8. Enjoy the lack of responsibility. You have NO IDEA how much is headed your way.
  9. Don’t worry, you’ll go back to Haiti. I know you’re worried about getting to go back. But you will. It iwll be 10 years but you’ll make it back! And last but not least…
  10. “The Bob” hairstyle was a HUGE mistake. Seriously. What were you thinking?