Dear Beautiful Humidity-Free Weather from Last Week: Would you mind coming back? I’m not enjoying your evil brother, 95% Humidity. Also, if you could persuade your cousin Evening Thunderstorms to return, that would be great!

Dear People Who Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis: Just because they make them in your size doesn’t mean you should purchase them. That’s a little harsh, I know. But you all know you’re thinking it!!

Dear Grill: You have served us well this summer. Hopefully a few more cookouts are in your future this summer.

Dear Place of Work: Thank you for the monetary surprise this month! It’s greatly appreciated!

Dear Soon-To-Be New Rainbows: You. Are. Mine. You can thank the Place of Work for that one!

Dear Fam: Pretty excited about seeing you guys next weekend for the reunion!

Dear Sister: I’m officially am bummed you won’t be coming next weekend. It just won’t be the same.

Dear August Weekends: You are filing up RAPIDLY! And I’m VERY excited about it!!

Dear 26th Birthday: Please take your time. Seriously.

Dear Summer of 2010: So far, I give you a 12 out of 10 🙂