Happy 6th of July!  Isn’t it funny how it just doesn’t have the same ring as 4th of July? None the less, another 4th of July has come and gone and we are all back at our desks wishing it was still the weekend. Sigh.

My weekend in town was really great. I got to do a lot of things that I don’t get to do on a normal weekend. I feel like I took full advantage of my time. To me, that is a successful weekend.

I kicked it off Friday by getting to leave at 3:30. Thank you HR department for the extra hours! Mert and I headed to Wal-Mart to put a hurtin’ on our debit cards and the gorcery isles. We both came home with at least 10 bags each. I kid you not. I bought a lot of “cooking supplies” as I call them i.e. things you don’t eat on a regular basis like heavy whipping cream and dry mustard. Yeah. Exciting stuff. But it was for my grand plan for the weekend (instert evil laugh here).

We then headed out me meet some friends for dinner at Big Daddy’s Burgers which was AMAZING. This restaurant has the title of “the resaurant that conviced me to eat sweet potatoe fries”.  And too this day, no other restaurant has this title. Talk about impressive. I had a GIANT build-my-own burger and it was fantastic. We also ate outside on the patio which was splendid as well. The weather this weekend was to die for. Great weather + great friends + great restaurant = pretty much the perfect Friday night. We then headed over to play some Rock Band. We rocked it out till midnight. That’s just how we roll. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday morning, Jenn and I took our pooches to the dog park. It was such a beautiful morning. We sat at the picnic tables and chatted while Callie and Bog played. Well, Callie played. Bog sniffed every tree possible and then returned to sit under my legs. He finally warmed up about 20 minutes before we left. He had a great time though. Here’s the proof.

He was exhausted the rest of the day. Thank you dog park! I headed home to run some errands with Mert and then decided to meet roomie S at the pool for a few hours. After returning home, I decided to try out a recipe I found over at BabblingAbby for some Machine-Free Homemade Ice Cream. It turned out pretty good!! Later on, I met Jenn for dinner so we could continue to catch up. It was a very relaxed yet productive day.

Sunday, I did some light cleaning and then headed to meet Mert at the pool in the afternoon. The weather was nice yet again (I see a pattern here) and the pool was surprisingly empty compaired to what I expected it to be like. We enjoyed about 4 hours out there and then called it quits to get ready to go enjoy some fireworks. After getting home, I realized how much sun I really got. I was a bit more red than usual, that is for sure! Once I surveyed the damage and we got ready, we packed some snacks and headed out to Independence Park to meet up with some friends and get a spot for the fireworks. This was the first year I have done that and it turned out to be a lot of fun. We took a blanket, some food, and just enjoyed sitting around chatting and hanging out before the fireworks show. Then we had great seats for the fireworks at 9:30. Great way to celebrate!

Monday, I decided I would throw. a little dinner party, thus the need for all the extra groceries on Friday. I forgot a few things so I set out to the store to get them. I then got home and started cooking and realized I needed to go BACK yet again. Gotta love it.

My dinner turned out great! I had Jessica & Jeremy and Jenn over and Mert ate along as well. We enjoyed some Carribean Jerk Chicken from the grill, some buttered and grilled corn on the cob, a new recipe I tried for Garlic & Parmessian Green Beans (yum), and then also The Pioneer Woman Mac & Cheese (DOUBLE YUM).

This time, I baked it. Next time, I’m eating it right out of the pot!

I also made this patriotic Angle Food Cake Triffle for dessert along with the machine-free ice cream.

I thought it turned out really good and everyone seemed to enjoy it! I was so glad everyone came over for a little post-4th of July celebration.

It was a great weekend for a great holiday. Loved it!