Well, the spontaneity bug bit me again this weekend.

I made a split second decision to go see these guys in concert on Saturday…

A friend from my hometown lives in Nashville now and is persuing a career in music. She was asked to host/MC for the Rascal Fatts tour this summer! What an opportunity, right?? So, rommate M and I decided to get a pair of lawn tickets and go check it out. It was really cool to see her host. Here she is with her co-host Wes on the big guitar stand introducing Rascal Flatts.

Sorry for the poor color quality. I had to lighten them on my computer so you could even see them!

We were right in front of them on the lawn!

If you’re reading this LR, you did an awesome job!!! 🙂

Here’s some shots of Rascal Flatts It was a really good concert. I had no idea they have been singing for 10 years! Thats nuts!

Bob that head…giving everybody that rock on sign…

I Miss Mayberry…

They ended the show with Summer Nights and a fireworks show! Great ending.

In other news, my roommate S painted her bathroom a few weeks ago. She picked a lovely shade of blusih periwinkle that really started to grow on me. I realized later I liked the color so much because it’s the same color as one of the polka dots on my shower curtain! She had plenty of primer and paint left over so she said I was more than welcome to paint my bathroom if I wanted to for just the cost of tape, brushes, and rollers. So, a split second decision later on Friday afternoon and I was taping away when I got home that evening. I primed on Saturday and painted on Sunday. I absolutely LOVE the color and the finished results. I’ll have pics tomorrow. Thanks again, S for the left-overs!! 🙂

Roommate M and I also decided to go see a movie at the last second on Sunday evening. M and I both had a free movie pass that expires this week so we decided to cash them in! After all the painting, it was nice to sit still and enjoy a movie. We saw Killers with Ashton Kutcher & Katherine Heigl. It was very cute!

Check back tomorrow for my bathroom makeover pics!