As I mentioned a few posts back (here & here) that I have been going nuts with the allergy prone Pug this summer. It’s difficult when your dog has seasonal allergies because you know it will pass. It’s kind of like having a cold. You just deal with it till it passes. But when you have a dog spinning around like a top, scratching so hard he has red marks on his stomach, and actually losing fur in “hot spots”, it’s difficult to stand by and do nothing.

Of course the first time I saw his fur falling out in that one spot, I paniced and made a vet appointment. Then it hit me that he did this exact same thing last year. He lost his fur in one isolated spot as a result of the allergies. So I cancelled the appointment and decided I would do a little of my own research to see what I could do for my spinning Pug.

One of the first thing’s I ran accross was this article written by a couple who experienced an itchy Pug as well. They go on to tell the story of how after speaking with some other Pug owners and apparently this allergy problem is more common than they thought. They learned the secret of adding fish oil to their dog’s diet. FISH OIL! What a simple solution! Who would have thought?? Apparently adding fish oil capsules to your dog’s diet is a great blanket remedy for itchy skin no matter what the allergy may be.

So, I did! I started giving Bog 2 capsules each morning and within a few weeks the itching diminished. It didn’t take effect right away but slowly I saw his spots on his stomach scab over and begin to heal. I also saw less spinning and the fur on his back starting to grow back. He is still a little itchy and I catch him spinning every now and then but he isn’t nearly as miserable anymore.

Along with the fish oil, I bought a shampoo with hydrocortizone to sooth his skin. I lathered him up really well and let it get all the way down to his skin. It must have been soothing because he didn’t fight the 20 minute bath at all! I also made sure it wasn’t a reaction to my detergent by buying a “free and clear” brand and washing my bed linens and his little doggy bed in them.

Bottom line is it all helped without a trip to the vet or a perscription. I hope if any of you are dealing with a seasonal allergy prone pooch, that these tips will help!