Do you remember this post about my ideas for using my $2.50 frames?

Well I finally got around to it. I also added a little splash of my Green Galore to 2 other frames I had laying around that I thought would look great on my little collage wall.

And what better subject for my wall than my Haitain sunset pictures. I’m planning on adding a few more frames to the wall to complete the look as well as picking a new paint color for my room. All on my to do list this summer!

My biggest recomendation for hanging a collage of pictures like this is to use the technique from my post yesterday. Cut pieces of paper the size of the frames and use tape to put them on the wall and rearrange them until you like your design. This will save you time, frustration, and plenty of wall putty later on down the road.

Next up: wall color. Then: bookcases!