Last year, we celebrated Father’s Day in Disney World.  I re-read that post preparing to write my Father’s Day post for this year and I realized that it still pretty much sums up how great my Dad is a year later.

One thing  I do want to add though is that now that he has found my blog and stalks checks it daily (you know you do, Dad), I just want to add that although it’s TERRIBLY embaressing how much he tell’s everyone (and I do mean everyone – including his choir members) about this little hobby of mine including giving out the URL address and actually just telling people to “Google” me, I know he is just proud. And I’m honored to make him feel that way.

This little ole’ blog doesn’t even compare to some of the most award-worthy blogs out there in cyberspace. I wouldn’t even consider this a drop in a bucket. To me, it’s just my outlet.

Some days it’s random. Some days it is just a list. Some days it’s just blah all around. But it’s mine and I enjoy it.

So, tell away, Dad. I’ll try not to get embaressed when you explain that the title is a pun while I turn 3 shades of red.

I love you, Daddy. Happy Father’s Day.