I’ve been fascinated lately in the idea of taking a trip around the world. Just pick a few places around the world and go. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Or is that just me?

I recently read a book and started a second that may have brought this sudden fascination on.

I admit it. I decided to read this book after I saw an interview with Julia Roberts on Oprah. Julia is going to play the leading lady in the movie version coming out in August and it just really sparked my interest. I read it with an open mind and took it with a grain of salt. Although there are some questionable ideas and truths in here, there was a lot to take from it as well. It really made me think and contemplate my own views. I highly recomend you read Elizabeth’s story about her year long journey around the world and into her own heart. It’s really inspiring!

This second book is one I spotted on a freind’s reading list and decided it sounded interesting. I just started it this week and so far I am loving it! It was hard for me to put down and go to bed last night! It’s also the story of a trip around the world but this time it includes 3 friends who put their entire lives on hold (jobs, families, boyfriends) and take a trip around the world. It’s really great so far and is written as journal entries which is neat to see.

Between these 2 books, I’m DYING to take a trip around the world. Just out of curiosity, I looked up what the airfare would be for a 6 stop around the world trip. The price tag is just at $3500. Not bad right?

Maybe I should start saving 🙂