1. I’m missing that dark room from my vacay in Pigeon Forge. It’s so bright in my room every morning now! Maybe I shoud look into some black-out curtians for my room. Hmmm….

2. What do you get when you mix my favorite kind of pie…

and my favorite drink, slushy, milkshake place?

Well you get the LIME CHILLER

I mean, I guess you could get Strawberry or Cherry but why even bother when there is LIME?? A mix of limeade and softserve with a dollip of whip cream and a lime on top…oh my. I officially crave one every day. You must check them out. For those of you in Durham, it’s worth the trip to the surrounding areas (Creedmor, Raleigh, Mebane). I promise!!

3. The Pug is itchy. His allergies have officially struck again. I’ve been doing some reading and googling today though and I have a game plan. I wll let you know how it pans out!

4. I mentioned I got to do some shopping last week in Pigeon Forge at the good ole’ Tanger Outlets. I love outlet shopping. There’s nothing like buying a Bannana Republic top that was originally $50 for a clearance price of $5.99! Makes me feel liek such a smart shopper! I bought a few BR tops, an ON skirt, and also a GAP romper for the beach/pool. I also scored some buy one get one free jewelry at AE. 2 cute necklaces for $10! Love it!

5. Time for another pedicure. I finally broke down and repainted my toes for the first time since my AMAZING pedicure in Miami. Now that my feet are done peeling from my Haiti trip, I feel like I can go have them done again. Sidenote: Have any of the rest of my Haiti peeps experienced this? I think it was from wearing tennis shoes and socks so many days in a row in the heat…strange!

6.  Does anyone watch GLEE? How awesome was that Journey medley on the finale? Loved it!! Looking forward to it returning in the fall!

7. I have a confession to make. Remember when I vented about my ban on 2 night a week shows? Well I *may be* sucked back into a summer 2 night show. So You Think You Can Dance has me the slightest bit hooked. But in all fairness, there isn’t a whole lot of TV going on in the summer. So, I’m blaming it on the fact that there is very little good television on. But I am still reading a lot most night instead of binging on TV. Thats progress, right?

8. Stay tuned next week for a post on the 2 books I am completely infatuated with at the moment. They are seriously making me have HORRIBLE wanderlust syndrome.

Hope everyone is having a splendid Thursday!