Ok, I’m back with my pics today! Yesterday, I was having technical difficulites getting my pictures uploaded. So, I’m sure everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what Conway, KP, and Dolly have in common.

Well the first is obvious. KP was our river guide as I told you yesterday. Straight out of Nashville, TN with long hair, tattoos, and a THICK country accent.

He was actually the lead guide that day and PICKED our group. He said he liked how we were on time and with our waiver forms signed and  in hand. He said he always picks the groups who are most prepared. He was a really great guide and we had a lot of fun. Actually, if I was a big guy who didn’t mind roughing it for the summer, a river guide would be the perfect job.

After rafting on Thursday, we decided to take the morning off and rest Friday. But then later that afternoon, we went to…

I haven’t been to Dollywood since I was a little girl so going back was a lot of fun. So many things have changed! There are a lot of new rides and shows. Also, if you enter the park your first day after 3:00pm,  you get to come back the next day for free. So of course we took full advantage of that offer and used our first day to do most of the rollercoasters and then the 2nd day we did more water rides and also saw some shows.

Here is the lone picture I have on my camera from our days at Dollywood. My Mom snapped it before we started riding The Scrambler. I think it explains the dynamic of the 3 of us perfectly.

Little brother = cut up
Little sister = confused
Me = oblivious and smiling

Now, let me tell you all about this house my grandparents rented for us. Or should I call it a challet. Because it was MASSIVE. With 9 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, it fit all 14 of us perfectly. Before driving in Wednesday night after work, my Dad had informed me that I will need to shift my car into low gear before coming up the mountain that the cabin was on. Boy, was he not kidding. After creeping up the mountain at snail speed for about 1 & 1/2 miles, I finally made it up there. Here is the view from the wrap around porch…

We could see all of Pigeon Forge from up there. At night it was beautiful.

Something else I got to experience was having my own bedroom. On these family vacation, sharing a bed is just part of the package usually. But to my surprise, I had this little gem of a room all to myself.

No, that’s not 2 beds. Thats a mirror. This house was TOTALLY  7o’s out. Mirrored walls everywehere! It was down in the basement area though which means no windows. I slept till 10:00 one morning simply because I had no idea what time it was. I slept great all week.

There was also a little arcade action…

My Uncle Johnny now has the high score on Ms. Pac-Man. I think his best score was 33 thousand and some change.

Also played a little of this…

And also found this little gem outside…

I never got in but it was nice knowing it was there. Just didn’t seem cold enough to enjoy it.

There was also a pool table and a poker table complete with cards and chips. Basically, it was an awesome house. It had tons of room and would be the perfect house to take a large group of 20. The kitchen was huge and had 36 cabinets (my Dad counted). It was a nice little oasis in the mountains.

My parents got the master bedroom on the 3rd floor complete with their own private balcony…

And the coolest part of the house in my opinion?

Conway Twitty stayed here.

Well, we think he did. This was on the shelf in my parent’s room.

So what do Conway, KP, and Dolly have in common? They were all a part of our family vacation.

Next year we head to Gulf Shores, Alabama to enjoy the beach. Well, that is if the beach isn’t covered in oil. I guess we will have to wait and see!