Rule 1: Listen to your river guide. Our’s name was KP. He was pretty cool.

Rule 2: Paddle when he says paddle.

Rule 3: Rest when he says rest. This usually means you will paddle a lot very soon.

Rule 4: Make funny faces for the camera, i.e. my sister in the front…

Rule 5: Crop photo to show close up of funny face.

Rule 6: Try not to smack each other with your paddles.

Rule 7: Expect to get wet.

Rule 8: Expect your guide to get you wet on purpose.

Rule 9: Crop the picture again to show sister’s funny face and Dad having a blast…

Rule 10: Laugh really hard as you paddle.

Rule 11: Take deep breath after getting through your first rapid.

Rule 12: Flash one more cheesy grin at the camera.