Dear Memorial Day Weekend: You were wonderful. I wish you had been longer. The weather was excellent and the company even better. Look forward to you next year!

Dear Starbucks Barista: It sort of freaks me out when I walk in that you know my drink order. What if I wanted to switch it up? Would that throw you off? Or does the fact that you already know what I order INSPIRE me to want to change it up? Hmmm…

Dear Family: I’m looking forward to our family vacation this week in good ole’ Gatlinburg, TN. Especially the white water rafting. That will surely be a family memory to remember.

Dear Rafting Guide: Yes, we are just as crazy as you will initally think.

Dear Pug: So glad you had fun at the beach last weekend. Sorry I have to leave you behind for this next trip. I leave you in good hands though.

Dear Treadmill: My love for you has diminished greatly. I’m learning to love you again. Please hang in there with me.

Dear Summer Reading List: I will try my best to finish you this year. Please stop growing.

Dear Summer: Have you missed me as much as I have missed you?